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Here are some of my Web Designs which I have done over the years.

These designs range from personal to business layouts. I feel that the layout of each website should be carefully considered to suit the data subject.
Cyril Arnold

Cyril Arnold wanted to create an online presence for their experienced and successful business. I created a simple and clean design which portrays a professional look and feel.

The website has a contact for which submits enquiries to the accountants department and also an area for their clients to have access to useful information.

Homely Interiors

This site was designed and developed by myself.

This site is purely created to help people get some inspiration and ideas together to help them choose a style for their interior which is appropriate for their taste.


I was fortunate enough to come up with a brand new design for Consulere; a personal mentor and business advisor website. I also created a blog design for this site which contains a Q&A section to seek the advice of a Mentor.

IT Directions

IT Directions approached me and asked to create a new and updated look for their company website.

I took this on board and created a fresh new looking site for them.

Data Tech Connect

I designed a new website for a company in Australia so that they have an online presence. The website was styled based on their original logo.

Party Food

I created a design for a new blog website for

This website is used to promote the top catering websites in Australia.

SS Fortuna

I created a design for a new website called It is a website for wholesalers to purchase Russian Treasures in bulk orders. The products are only accessible by the company's clients.

Executive CV is a sister website to a large recruitment site. I was therefore required to create a new fresh design for their new site which had a professional look and feel.

My Dissertation

My Dissertation: On-line Wedding Planner Application with Multimedia Elements

I decided to create an online wedding application prototype to help plan a wedding and ease stress since this can be a very stressful time for the end-user.

Tŷ Croeso

Tŷ Croeso is a charity in North Wales which provides overnight accommodation for the parents, carers and families of sick babies and children admitted to the paediatric wards of the hospital. I created a website for them to raise their awareness and to show whom their famous patrons are.

Executives on the Web

I was fortunate enough to do my work placement with EOTW where I re-designed their website to give it a new and updated look.

I received some excellent feedback regarding the design and overall the site became increasingly user friendly.